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Article 1 self-launch

Article 1 self-launch

Our title is Kazune, and I’m categorised as”Kazu”. My hometown is Yatsushiro. Yatsushiro will be the second-largest area in Kumamoto. Some sort of orange, rush and banpeiyu, are famous inside. Though I live in Kumamoto now, my children reside in Yatsushiro.

Our parents are teachers. YAMAHA music-school is worked at by my dad, and violin is taught by my mommy at home. Ihave two siblings. One is actually a senior school pupil. Her college is the neighbor of my university. Lately, although she can not read music note, metal band team was joined by her. The other is really a junior high school student. She belongs to tennis team. I also have grandmother and grandfather. Their interest is tennis. They’re going to enjoy golf each day.

To the one hand, my passions are playing the piano, reading guides, particularly manga, drawing pictures. And I’ve left my membership currently, but I’d belonged to ESS (English Speaking Community) until last Feb. In my own hobbies, especially, I’m great at audio. I basically was for seven years to YAMAHA music school and learned automated body. So the electronic body and guitar and I can play. I like music quite definitely. I likewise have loved drawing pictures since my childhood. After I was an elementaryschool student, I would pull plenty of illutrations at breaktime with among my buddies. So when I had been a junior high college student and senior high school pupil, a few of my pals and I generally canged our works one another.

Along with them, I expose dislikes and my personal favorite issues. My personal favorite ingredients are chocolate crab rice. The best music group is SMAP. People of SMAP are very interesting as well as their tunes excellent. They relax me quite definitely. My favorite actor is Nakama. She’s stunning. I have appreciated her since I viewed among dramas that were video on TV. Manga is also liked by me greatly. I specially like ” ALCHEMIST ” today. The cartoon was America or England but also televised in not simply Asia. It’s preferred inside, too. And so I’ve actually browse the manga written in Language. And lately, the best TV program is “ainori”. I can not miss seeing. I hate insects one of the most all over the planet. I particularly dislike spider.

I have my wish that is future and my objective today. The previous gets employment with organization which needs Language, and also the latter is currently studying abroad to Australia. Since I have was a higher school student, to review abroad long-time has been my target. Therefore I must study Language harder.

About my buddies. I have a closest friend. She is fun and quite kind. She assists me, whenever I am in-trouble. Therefore I could discuss everything. She lives in Saga today. She reports to be a nursery school teacher. I also have a lot of good friends at my university. I prefer chatting using them. And I enjoy my college life. Needless to say I like studying English. Although I have to accomplish many homeworks lately, I’m very happy to review at Kumamoto University, England and America office. And someday I want to become an English speaker that is great.

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